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Dubbo AGM 14_2_10 Transfiguration Sunday

  • Well, I finally, last year, after seven years of trying, caught my own 20 lb Snapper, four of them at that!  So last year ended with joy and fulfilled expectations.  If only I could feel the same way about my ministry here at St Marks.  Wouldn’t it be good if we could say that last year ended with all our hopes, expectations and dreams for our church being fulfilled…but they weren’t?  And neither should we ever expect the work of God’s kingdom to be something that is measurable in results and statistics.  God’s work of justifying sinners and bringing them into his kingdom through his Son Christ Jesus, is God’s work and only God knows whom he has called.  My duty here at St Mark’s is to remain faithful to his promises; to remain faith to my call by God to use the means through which God intended to bring people into his kingdom:  The preaching of the gospel and the administration of his means of grace, baptism and Holy Communion. 

General ministry and direction for future

  • This year begins my fourth year of ministry here in Dubbo, and as many of you are aware, my name will be placed on the list of pastors available for call later in the year.  Due to the great number of vacancies, a call is certainly a possibility.  However, this is normal and a standard part of the ministry and in no way indicates that I intend to take a call.  With the possibility of receiving a call sometime in the future, I believe we should take this call process as a catalyst to review and re-vision my ministry together with you.  We cannot deny that we face a difficult future as a small church.  Difficult questions must be asked and more importantly, must be answered, both for the short and long term; questions like 
    • How can we continue to pay a full time pastor?
    • Do we expand this church building or should we look at re-locating or renting?
    • How do we see ourselves in five, then ten, then twenty years?
    • Can we afford not to have a leadership succession program?
    • Does pastor’s ministry need to be more focused and intentional?
    • Should we have expectations of a purposeful direction for our congregation?
    • Do we need to have a ‘specific minister’ for our congregation to free pastor up for intentional ministry?These questions are important to ask because they are the sort of questions a pastor asks of his ministry as they prayerfully consider whether to take a call or remain in their current ministry.  I believe Church council and the future directions team and the decisions they make, with your contribution, will play a crucial role in the coming 12 months.  Now is a good time for us to be proactive as transformed people of God and begin to be in ‘prayerful conversation’ with God about what he has instore for our congregation: to ‘look to God, to look up, look back, look around, look in and to look forward to the future.  As a congregation, unity of the Spirit is of utmost godly importance, we need to remain in unity by the one Spirit and in the one direction.  To encourage unity, information sharing is very important.  I have asked that all minutes from the church council and future directions team be made available for all members, either by email or printed copies in pigeon holes.


  • I have made the decision to be intentional in spending more of my ministry time in Dubbo.  My focus will be on providing an opportunity for members to attend a weekly bible study class.  Also, I am going to be intentional about setting aside ministry time for involvement in the young people of our congregation.  To start the ball rolling, Anchor will separate from meeting on the same night as Confirmation, so I can attend both groups. As from this coming Friday Confirmation will meet on the same night as JAM.


o          Thankyou to everyone, and I mean everyone, who has been involved in the running of the parish during the year.  It is great to see so many involved.  And God’s blessing to each and everyone for the coming year.

Yours in Christ

Pastor Brenton Fiedler


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  1. Christeen Wiencke says:

    It was announced at church today that we have a call meeting at Port Macquarie this Thursday. As we have been without a Pastor for afew years we are eager to get a pastor now. We are now able to offer full pay. Not sure if you are interested or can be considered. We have 6 on our list. If you love fishing you’d love it here. We need growth, especially with the young and youth.

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