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The purpose of this page is to give visitors to this website
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4 Responses to “Ask Pastor”

  1. Anonymous says:

    At a recent wedding I overheard a young woman saying that she has some differences with her boyfriend because he is a Lutheran and she is a Christian.
    I’ve been pondering on this ever since!

  2. pastor Brenton says:

    To be Lutheran is to be Christian. It means we understand and interpret the scriptures through our ‘agreed confession of faith’. A Lutheran therefore knows exactly what they believe about sin, faith, God and salvation. This then makes it easier for the other partner in a relationship to know where each other stands and what they believe. Communication is a key to any relationship working, so talking about each others faith, will bare fruit and bring unity. To be a Lutheran and marry a Christian is no problem when discussion is open and based on God’s word.

  3. Up North says:

    Hi Pastor Steve,

    A quick hello to say hi and let you know you’re often thought of from afar. Also that I appreciate all that you do for your flock at Gil and Dubbo – the people that I regard as family. You make a huge difference in their lives. Trust that you are all well.

    Cheers ☺

  4. Steve says:

    Mum, I told you to stop leaving me these type of messages. LOL.

    Hi “Up North”, Thankyou for your encouragement and prayers. Yes the Gil. Dubbo people are a very, very special group of people that I, like yourself have had the honour, grace of God and pleasure to have in our lives.

    My best wishes to you and your family and friends and once again, really appreciate you taking the time to drop a line (and isn’t it great that with modern technology I could be in Dubbo and you maybe QLD or hey, even in the red centre and be able to “chat””.

    God Bless you in all ways and all things,

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