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Our  Connect services have been suspended for a short while @ StMark’s  Dubbo, they are a great night, hope to resume again shortly.

crossCome and join us for our next youth service at St Marks Lutheran Church (Cnr of Gipps and Macleay streets). Stay and enjoy some dinner with us afterwards.

All questions call Pastor Steve Hibbard: 6884 0854 or 0400769317

friendshipA true friend accepts who you are but also helps you become who you should be…

God Poem

God will always be my friend

Forever My Friend

© Lena Marie Fuller

Forever My Friend

The rain stopped falling today.

All of the clouds seemed to have gone away.

The sun shone bright and clear.

The dew sparkled with glistening, radiant cheer.

Upon each flower, a smile and a touch of laughter appeared.

A song came singing amidst the wind so cool and calm,

with a deep sense of security in the air.
Why then, Lord, am I feeling such great despair, feeling overloaded with worldly cares?

Why then, Lord, are my eyes filled with much sorrow and tears?

My heart aches for comfort, my mind for peaceful refuge through the power of prayer.
Though I have perceived all the

beauty around me,

my spirit cries out loudly,

“Oh Lord, I am empty and bare.”

Hoping to hear His sweet voice once again,

I plead in travail,

“Lord cleanse me from all of my sin,

And let Your glorious light enter in.

Remember me as I remember You,

for without You I have reached my end.”
His sweet, forgiving love flows like a river.

My heart is reminded that He is my forever-lasting Friend.

The foundation which cannot be shaken,

now the renewal of my sleeping spirit,

which has been awaken,

knowing that in His love I can always,

yes always, depend.

For He is my forever Friend-Jesus.

Source: God Will Always Be Friend, God Poem

Family Friend Poems


Life can be difficult. Some people seem to face life’s hardships with courage and come out stronger on the other side. They are able to climb even what feel like impossible mountains in their life. Others seem to be unable to recover from difficulties, and end up bitter, blaming others or God for their misfortune, or just sinking into depression. The ones who survive and even thrive in spite of challenges are often those who have faith in God, who trust him to help them through tough times.

We often pray to God hoping that he will provide us with our wants. It is great when this happens, but we can get disappointed and frustrated when things don’t turn out how we want them. It is important to remember however that God knows the future, he knows what is best for your future and that things will work out. Take Joseph as a great example. His jealous brothers threw him in a pit, before selling him into slavery. After much hard work, he became the overseer of his master’s estate. Again, he ends up in jail. Throughout this whole experience Joseph trusted God completely and God was with him. After many years and hard work, Joseph was rewarded and eventually became in charge of the whole of Egypt, only second before the Pharaoh himself.

Jeremiah 29:11 says: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God will never leave us, he will never forsake us. A good quote remains, “Shit happens,” and this is very true. We cannot always control what happens, but God is a mighty rock. When everything around us seems to fall apart, all we are left with is faith. And we have faith in God, he will bring us through hard times.



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