August: 2019

Hi folks, if you have anything of interest you feel should be added to the monthly calendar please ring Rehab on: 02 6884 0854 by the 20th of the Month or email  rehabadam@live.com.au

Thur 1st          NO GIL BIBLE STUDY
Fri 2nd     Community Kitchen ( No pastoral Ass meeting )
Sat 3rd     7:30am     Men’s brekky
6:30pm          Fellowship Night??
Sun 4th        8:45 am     Dubbo HC
?????     Gilgandra  HC

Mon 5th     Pastors day off
Tue 6th    8:15am     Brekky @ North Dubbo Primary
************* NO DUBBO BIBLE STUDY
Wed 7th    7:30 – 9:30am     Church open for ‘ Lets Pray’
10:00am am     Ladies guild @ Gil
10:00am          Bible Study @ Manse
Thur 8th               * NO BIBLE STUDY IN GIL
Fri 9th
Sat 10th
Sun 11th    8:15 am     Dubbo HC
11:15am             ??          Gil  HC

Mon 12th     Pastor’s day off
Tue 13th    8:15am     Brekky @ North Dubbo Primary
Wed 14th     7:30 – 9:30am     Church open for ‘ Lets Pray’
10:00AM     Coffee @ Def Chef  ( 1/43 Macquarie St )
Thur 15th     2:00pm     Gil Bible Study
Fri 16th     10:00am     BBQ fire fellowship night @ Church
Sat 17th
Sun 18th    8:45 am    JAM Service @ Dubbo HC
11:15 am     Gilgandra HC

Mon 19th          Pastor’s day off
Tue 20th    8:15am     Brekky @ North Dubbo Primary
Wed 21st    7:30 – 9:30am     Church open for ‘ Lets Pray’
Thur 22nd     2:00pm     Gil Bible Study
6:30pm          Men’s Shed @ Andrew’s
Fri 23rd     10:00am     Coffee
7:30pm     Pastoral assistant meeting @ Manse
Sisterhood @ Warrambui until Sunday
Sat 24th          Sisterhood @ Warrambui
Sun25th    8:45 am     Dubbo HC
10:00 am     Gilgandra HC

Mon 26th          Pastor’s day off
Tue 27th    8:15am     Brekky @ North Dubbo Primary
Wed 28th    7:30 – 9:30am     Church open for ‘ Lets Pray’
Thur 29th     2:00pm     Gil Bible Study
Fri 30th     6:15pm     Community Kitchen
Sat 31st


04th ….. Sturrock
11th ….. Guelen
18th ….. Guelen
25th ….. Alemseged

BBQ Fire night August 16th
5:30pm @ the Church


04th  Dulcie Stanford
10th  Bev Purvis
18th  Ellie Guelen
20th  Yohannes Alemseged
25th  Eleanor Klante  

: Prayer Points

Pray that the hearts of all may be enlightened, in order that people may know the hope to which God has called the them.
Pray for the elderly, sick, lonely and the grieving.   


Anchor  Fridays, fortnightly  Ros Semmler: 0428 823 407 

Bible studies   Tuesday, 9:30am & Wednesday, 7pm at manse
Pastor Joseph: 045920002
Thursday, 2pm at Gil        

Monthly Saturday night home bible studies                     

Brekky @DNPS  Tuesday @ 8:15am  Kathie Guelen: 0427 872 700

Scripture @ DNPS  Monday & Wednesday   Kathie Guelen

J.A.M   3rd Sunday of each month   Kathie Guelen

Ladies Fellowship (parish)   1st Wednesday of each month  Bev Purvis: 0419 881 053     

Ladies coffee  2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month – see calendar Bev Purvis  

Men’s Breakfast  1st Saturday of each month  Andrew Baker: 0428 564 500

Shed nights  Thursday, monthly @ the Baker’s  Andrew Baker

Young Adults  Monthly  Ellie Guelen: 0428 011 178

Thought for the week.

St Mark’s Pastoral Assistants.
If you would like to talk to someone who is always ready to listen, someone just like you and me, then call
 Bill or Andrew.
Neil:0418 431 944
Bill: 0419 630 834
AndrewAndrew: 0428 564 500

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